Air Rifle Spring Cutting Procedure

  Air Rifle Spring Cutting Procedure Cutting the spring is a simple procedure.  Cut the spring by coil count NOT measured length. The 2 half coils at each end of the spring will count as one coil. Use a 4” angle grinder and a thin cut off blade and cut the spring on a sharp [...]

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Webley Patriot Gas Ram Tune

Webley Patriot Gas Ram Tune      I recently picked up a new Webley Patriot .22 with with the intent of of gas converting it to a gas ram. I  ordered the correct sized 75kg gas ram and disassembled the rifle. In side the rifle was full of grease, this was causing dieseling a full [...]

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WEIHRAUCH SEAL FITTING INSTRUCTIONS Weihrauch piston seal fitments vary considerably. Some seals spin and are loose on the piston others are very tight and have to be forced on. Scratches created when removing the old seal should be filed off, the seal should be spun on the piston a few times. A tight fitting seal [...]

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